It all started with a little sparkle, which became a great light!

Jubilee years ago, Rabbi Moshe Tnammi and Rabbi Yehuda Melamed came to the Zionists, with a dream to build a quality home for girls from all over the country, and to provide them with quality Jewish education.

The difficulties were many, and the rabbis worked hard to bring students to the scene, with a limited staff whose salaries were paid by the rabbis. But when the desire burns like a flame, you succeed after all.
Nuclear was germinating, building and building steadily built the empire of new light. New light institutions have evolved into a series of educational, welfare and community establishments, most notably the Crown: the school and the boarding school for girls.

It was all built on the thought of the students coming, with the desire to give them the best conditions in a multitude of love, to open a door to a good and successful future.
In the first year, eight students were taught in a new light, and today after about 50 years of activity, 2,000 girls are already graduating from a new light that has built homes for glory.
It all started with a little spark, and always the emotion, heart and family atmosphere are above all.

Not just a school - it's a family!

A new light family has been around for fifty years, raising thousands of graduates with warmth and love.
A family that strives and also manages to give equal opportunity to every daughter to realize herself and her dreams.

The New Mosaic family mosaic is made up of endless investment by a caring, mission-driven and high-level professional team with a targeted match for each and every one of the girls.
These provide hundreds of thousands of hours of shared study, education and life. And all with great appreciation for every daughter and knowing that every flame that is lit here in a new light will continue to brightly illuminate the future generation.

Here in “New Light” they are able to build a winning circle of social success that enhances academic achievement, which enhances self-confidence and personal image.

This is exactly why the management and staff give all the heart and soul, above and beyond the official hours of operation, in a pleasant and respectful atmosphere with personal attention to each daughter throughout. This is also why the girls connect with a really new, whole-hearted light, and stay in touch for many years even after they graduate.

It’s a family. Not just a school because in a new light a daughter will always remain a daughter.

Because new light - it's a personal mission!

The wish of adolescent girls to know is that at this time, in the turbulent phase between childhood and adulthood, their daughter is in a supportive and contained environment. Instead of building her inner world.

Instead of loving, taking care of and giving her a maximum toolbox for life. A values ​​scale, Jewish consciousness and personal empowerment to deal with life’s challenges, along with a high educational level and education for excellence and realization of personal and occupational potential.
Which is exactly new light.

A year of great love education and a real connection with thousands of graduates proves that the triumphant family formula of high school and the ‘New Light’ boarding school works!
Because when you give maximum heart, appreciate and believe every daughter and daughter, you see the success in your eyes.

Because new light, it’s like family. A winning family team.

Maximize Light - See Maximum Success!

Our motto is to give the best, to enable every daughter to develop optimally on the plane today, and especially in the future. A new light is working to promote excellence and education at a high level, to give girls who are studying here a springboard to ‘real life’ – to higher education, to the realization of employment potential, and to the future of honorable living as part of the high quality human capital reserves in Israel.

And so in a new light, it’s important for us to give maximum learning conditions.
New light institutions include a division and high school under excellent boarding conditions for 150 girls between the ages of 12 and 18, a veteran empire with a reputation.

The students come from all over the country and enjoy an innovative and invested complex, well-equipped classrooms, improved boarding rooms, quality home food, and fresh grassy areas in the green and pastoral, and especially a supportive environment and education in a loving heart.
See maximum success. Just like at home. or more..

Brighten the present, build the future

The “New Light” campus is a ‘second home’ for girls, and makes sure to welcome high-quality girls with a high educational and personal level of professional and skilled staff. In addition, an unprofessional team includes tireless staff, including: traditional home mothers, mentors, educational counselors, social coordinator and social worker.

In a new light, care is given to enriching the girls’ emotional and social world through a variety of recreational activities tailored to each style, conversation and constant personal empowerment; And family management, indirectly supportive and connected, investing endlessly in every daughter, and working hard to strengthen their relationship with home and family.

18 classrooms.
96 boarding rooms in three spacious buildings.
Swimming pool, gym and gym.
Cultural Center. library. club. Music room. computer room. Art room and more …

Breaking the Myth - Family Yes Choose!

Thanks to – a combination of Jewish education in the spirit of Torah and mitzvot, with a connection to the roots.
Thanks to – a high quality social environment for girls of high educational and personal level.
Thanks to – the belief in the ability of each and for the construction of quality human capital reserves,
Thanks to – a values scale of human love, excellence and encouraging the fulfillment of personal potential.
Thanks to – excellent conditions and endless investment.
Thanks to – a year of jubilation and thousands of successful graduates.
Thanks to – the loving family.
In a new light, the myth is broken – family yes choose!
Thanks to a successful family run, you reach your goals!