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If you're here, you're probably looking for more than just a high school ... You have reached your destination!

Here we have everything you need to fly … without clichés!
An amazing boarding school in the north balancing spirituality and materialism (for girls of this Y / Z generation …)
The only ultra-Orthodox boarding school in Israel for grades 7-12, plus high school for grades 9-12.
All indulgences with values, environment, action, faith and education for excellence.
Family Yes Choose – Thanks to a Successful Family Route to Go!

Did you know?

The cane and carrot? The carrot!

Our educational approach respects and sets boundaries and authority out of love and trust!

Sew on you!

Over 90% of "Or New" students graduate with a theoretical / technological high school diploma tailored to each student according to their size!

Basic tool for life!

Approximately 80% of "Or New" students successfully graduate at level 4 and 5 units in English!

No way you won't succeed!

Your achievements will be progressed with free (free! You will not come?) Lessons in all subjects!

Wrap you up!

At any given moment you have excellent team wives, professional counselor and trademark counsel!

The home of us all is your treat

A wide and luxurious campus, cozy rooms and the food? Variety with their delicious smell ...

Don't let sleep!

At Leisure, we take advantage of our action-packed programs and a range of classes. What's your hobby? Let's make a profession out of it.

The body is the mind:

A state-of-the-art gym, powered by a champion instructor, and for any trouble you may not be waiting for, a nurse in the clinic.

Graduates from hairdressing

look at you...

Come on, my sister ... waiting to hear from you

Make a personal connection, get excited, feel.