Social Action

Our selection of social activities

Social activity is the part that underlies informal learning. It is our way of conveying content and containing processes that are experiential, attractive, attractive that enter the heart.

Social concentration is accompanied by an annual theme that fits with academic learning in the school.

The goals of social concentration:

The focus of the individual

A. Develop the student’s personality, talents and interests and enable him to express his unique and exhaustive ability.

B. Awaken the student’s awareness and sensitivity to the needs of society and develop a caring and willingness to take responsibility and act accordingly.

third. Develop student social skills and skills to promote informed adaptation processes and increase the sense of belonging, involvement and responsibility for the group and community in which it lives.

D. To help the student formulate a value scale that will enable him to make decisions in a variety of life situations and contribute to his socio-moral growth.

The focus of the community and society

A. To foster social and community life in the school, social engagement and student leadership representation.

B. To foster belonging and mutual responsibility among school Islanders.

third. Promote the internalization of values ​​and norms that fit the lifestyle of a democratic society and train for active citizenship in school, community and society.

D. Encourage entrepreneurship, social engagement, volunteering and community contribution and educate to take responsibility in fulfilling social tasks and functions.

God. Educate solidarity and sensitivity to social justice based on human dignity and the realization of its rights.

The social education action frameworks

The concentration includes internal sessions and programs, trips and camps, lectures and seminars.

Ceremonies, events across the calendar

The school lifestyle incorporates holidays, deadlines and ceremonies that give expression to the school’s educational-cultural values ​​and culminate in school life.

These events provide important opportunities for student entrepreneurship and talent discovery, and they allow the giving of a stage to individuals and groups that sometimes do not come to fruition.
In these events we express diverse cultural traditions, and include class evenings, parents and students’ evenings, classes, study tours, seminars, seminars, quizzes, special offers and more.

Excursions and Tours: Tours in various landscape spaces strengthen the student’s connection to the homeland’s landscapes and historical heritage and contribute to the cultivation of personal and social identity.
Lectures and midrashic: Cultivating the thinking mind of students through exposure to a variety of lecturers from different fields and styles, both during the school days and on vacation.

During the school days, the lectures will be used to accompany topics that are on the agenda, holidays and holidays, burning issues and issues that are relevant to our generation.
The after-school seminars and holidays allow students to participate by choice and maintain continuous contact with the institution even on vacation days.

Sessions, games and social processes

Sessions involving students from the audience, competitions and exercises in teamwork, classroom formulation and school, with shared experiences.

Dancing and singing evenings

Social formulation around music that connects hearts. And giving students the option to demonstrate skills.