Cultural Center

Cultural Center

Project: “Intelligence” – a weakened cultural center.

The problem that the project came to solve: providing practical and practical tools for life, for very disadvantaged girls.

Designed for girls with low talents, learning disabilities, poor social status, lack of self-confidence and learning, with a heavy, burdensome emotional load that prevents them from advancing minimally in school, and especially girls with no future and social, employment and educational horizons.

How the project solves the problem:

At the “Intelligence” Cultural Center, we give girls, free, rich classes and workshops throughout the afternoon, as part of their personal boarding school stay.

The workshops raise the level of education, security and social status of the girls, while shedding the heavy emotional load on them, in order to bring them to achievement relatively easily,

And, in particular, to acquire an education in the fields that are tailor-made for her, to provide her with a solid foundation for continuing education, education, and in due course a source of livelihood.

Enjoy the project:

First Circle:

The girls participating in the workshops (boarding girls, grades 9-12).

Their benefits are divided into the short and long term:

In the short term: they fill their daytime with an education in a way of recreation and experience.

They are exposed to areas where they are “equal” and thus raise their cronies in the society around them.

And in this way, they also raise the cuckold in their eyes, self-confidence, self-esteem and personal empowerment.

In the long run: They will be successful students in the field chosen according to their ability and personal attraction, and in the future become professionals who earn their living in dignity.

Second circle: The parents of the girls (usually of low socioeconomic status, divorced, violent, single parents, new immigrants, etc.), their friends (also usually disadvantaged girls), teachers and social workers or caregivers.

Benefits for Parents: The tremendous benefit parents have is that a busy baker builds himself by continuous pursuit of quality education and social life, which is very surprising to them.

The benefit to companies: discovering an “equal” company that raises their level and even requires them, and makes them participate and buy education and knowledge.

Benefits for Teachers and Caregivers: By fulfilling the child’s good satisfaction and personal feeling, she directly becomes a successful or easy-going student or patient.

Third Circle: The State of Israel, and the Society as a whole.

The benefit to society as a whole is almost direct.

An unsatisfied daughter from school, a daughter who has not been successful in any ‘standard’ trend since she was little, because of her natural or environmental weakness, becomes a burden on society as a whole, by being unemployed or supported by welfare and the like.

If she does acquire basic tools for life at the Intelligence Center, she gains a high personal momentum and specializes in successful occupation, thus making herself a living woman who is part of the work and workforce in Israel.

How will short-term project success be measured?

After a short period of time that the student has found the workshop or the department she is attracted to, she begins to find points of light that project throughout her studies, and her achievements in studies are tangibly rising!

How will project success be measured in the long run?

In relation to other girls who did not participate in these workshops, she succeeds in her studies and continues to develop the basis she bought in this framework, and later finds an economic anchor or at least an income supplement in the knowledge she acquired here.

Below is a brief breakdown of the products (and their benefits) that are currently available in “Intelligence”

E (See the categories of classes and workshops, and their educational and social rationale)



Interpersonal communication development
Nonverbal communication
You have experienced victory
Dealing with failure and disappointment in loss

Computer positions:


Ability to play a single game – a virtual game
Study Assistance by typing in studies and projects
A social experience in viewing images from the interior of Hawaii and reminiscing

Projector Corner:


Release from daily clutter by viewing media as a demonstrative activity.
Strengthening faith by watching Torah lessons

Seating Area:


A sense of home and family atmosphere at rest on the couches
Inspire a relaxed and warm atmosphere
Enable conversation on emotional issues while empowering

Workshop Tables:


Possibility to make Shab in a welcoming and quiet place
Ability to engage in creating / drawing in personal choice