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Photography department

In the photography course the girls learn the basics of photography and design, professional photography, concepts in photography, composition, depth of field, camera and parts knowledge, the meaning of the aperture and how, in fact, they produce a quality image.

For a photography course, professional teachers are selected who deliver the course in an experiential and quality way. At the end of the course there is a photo project on the beach at dusk ..

In the photography course the girls are exposed to a creative and diverse world and develop their design talent. Photography also helps the design and graphics studies taught in high school as part of the same graphics trend and concepts.

Goals and Objectives:

Developing design talent

Know the camera on its parts

Learning to use the camera wisely

Producing quality photos

Photography skills

Photography tips and photography secrets

Connecting the connection to the graphic trend and development in the field

Inspirational photos

A sense of value and satisfaction in taking quality photos