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Piano Circle

Piano is a class for girls who want to invest! Musical girls who want to learn to play the piano, accompany songs and even produce musical works.

A piano class develops the music talent they already have, with the sense of calm that surrounds them by playing and allowing them to play hours and use the piano as therapy.

The girls have a piano in the school corridor, where they can practice afternoon music, at their leisure, and get ready for the next class. So, too, are motivated and motivated to continue cultivating the music.

Some girls did not know they had a talent for piano and as soon as they learned to study, were exposed to the fact that they had talent that could be developed and by reference to study music, invested and developed even more until music became a profession for life – they turned to music school and everything they learned in workshop two For them, intelligence was the foundation and springboard for their professional pursuit, from here they went professional and even engaged in this field for their livelihoods, participating in national concerts, using music optimally and even music teachers.

Goals and Objectives:

The development of music talent

Increase self-confidence while personally accompanying the playing process to success

self satisfaction

Knowledge of the world of music – theoretical and practical

Building musical works

Playing accompaniments to songs


Musical Therapy