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Sewing Circle

Sewing Class is a professional class that teaches girls the art of sewing from the basics to the complete clothing sewing.

In this class the girls practice sewing types, selling fabric types, matching the type of fabric to the sewn item. Each daughter sews what she chooses with the teacher’s close guidance, while encouraging her to finish the item.

The gleam in the eyes when the sewing work is complete cannot be missed. The girls learn to sew and repair their clothes, their family and their friends.

They often brought clothes for repair – so they learned that the house can also be repaired.

In the girls department, they acquire the sewing profession for themselves and the environment. Ability to repair clothes for others – a dignified profession.

Goals and Objectives:

Knowledge of fabric types

Fitting the fabric type to the sewn item

Clothing repair

Sewing techniques and efficiency

Patience education in the sewing process

Satisfaction in the final