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Studio Circle

In the studio workshop the girls learn to be sound technicians, studio technicians and record soundtracks, voiceovers and songs. Fix spoofs and create their own perfect song!

A studio workshop is suitable for girls who understand music and have a high technical sense. The girls in the studio workshop come out with a great deal of knowledge and experience in sound recordings and techniques and can integrate in this field outside, after completing their studies here and even build their own studio.

We encourage the girls to write their own songs and record them in the studio.

Often they recorded a song about their mother and father words and took the song to play at home. There was great excitement on the part of the parents and a great satisfaction and sense of belonging and value on the part of the daughter!

The results depend on effort and desire, a studio workshop that is difficult for any daughter to learn, but the right girls are a huge springboard to a wide and diverse world.

The girls are filled with satisfaction and joy when they finish a project.

You can actually see the lightning in their eyes as they manage to produce a song or recording that satisfies their wishes. The very effort and reach causes the feeling of satisfaction followed by them for a long time.

Goals and Objectives:

Exploring the sound world with all its parts – theoretical and practical study

Learning Cubes (recording software) – theoretical and practical learning

Correct recording

Fake fixes and recording processing

Song preparation – adjusting the tones, the volume and the rhythm of the vocals

Encouragement for songwriting and recording

Increasing self-confidence in the recording work

A sense of self-satisfaction

Ability to fit into the job market